Loving Through Emotional Abuse

TIP NUMBER 1. You don’t. You first love yourself enough so you start to un love their potential. You then, stand so strongly in your decision to “accept better” that you no longer… Continue reading


There is not enough space between our breathes, You are out of it and I have so much to give. Will you take it? you seem complacent. Can I give you more oceans… Continue reading


“You And Me
Are no longer guesses Or 
Damp panties after naughty daydreams.
You are now here. 
Closer to me than I probably need you to be.
And you soak me up because you need this
While… Continue reading

Dear Future Lover

I want you to know that I love you and hope that my phone going straight to voicemail and 2 unanswered DM’s won’t change your attitude when I finally do hear your voice.… Continue reading

I came here empty handed

My heart is so bare could you sketch your name it out in blood here? Call it home. Call me home? When you get home, will you call me? I just need to… Continue reading


You have been toe tagged  and body bagged way before you  learned how to tie your shoes. your days were marked the moment you were conceived   Rocket plunged into the bottom of  an… Continue reading

Best Valentines Day Ever.


  the energy of restitution  doesn’t get to pay it’s grievance to the dead it should pick a better target,  like the living. Leave living flowers to be beautiful the musk of a… Continue reading

6:35 am EST time.

  No one ever believes a love once conceived by the thought of them would ever fade,  but  I tried to tell you that your light was dimming  and before dawn    … Continue reading

Learning From an Indigo Infant.

I spend 3 days a week working with on of the brightest brown babies this earth has ever been gifted. Her name is Esther, she’s precious. Spicy, but still precious. She’s probably the… Continue reading